Vinaincon E&C carries construction and installation works in LG Display Factory in Hai Phong
Posted Date: 05.10.2016

LG Display Co Ltd has invested US$1.5 billion into its new project at the Trang Due Industrial Zone in the northern city of Hai Phong City.

Vinaincon E&C, one of VINAINCON’s subsidiaries is implementing several packages of the Project during 4 months from June to October, 2016. The packages are Geological Survey, Temporary Fence, Reinforcement (VND45 billion) and Steel Structure Works (VND175 billion) and the Factory’s utilities.

Bird's-eye View.JPG

LG Display produces displays for diverse applications such as TV, IT, Mobile, Commercial, Automotive displays, and OLED Light. The company executes continuous R&D and investment in next- generation displays such as Flexible and Transparent displays.

LGDVH has been established under the investment certificate No. 4388317664 dated April 15, 2016. The purpose is to manufacture OLED products for mobile phone, smart watch, TV and tablet, etc.

Total investment is 1.5 billion USD. The Project implementation duration is 50 years since the date of issuing the Investment Certificate.