Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Company

Project name:           Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant

Location:                   Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa province

Client:                        Vietnam Electricity (EVN) 

Contract Value:        VND101.988.000.000

Scope of work:          Mechanical and Electrical works

Construction period: 19 August, 2011 - 02 March, 2013


Photos of the Project:        



Located on the north-south axis of the country, 200 km south of Hanoi, 1,500 km to north of Ho Chi Minh City, with Nghi Son deep sea port, 60 km from Sao Vang airport, Nghi Son economic zone (Thanh Hoa) was established according to Decision No. 102 / QĐ-TTg dated May 15, 2006 of the Prime Minister; with an area of ​​18,611.8 hectares, of which industrial and service land area is over 3,500 hectares. This is a multi-sector, multi-sector economic zone with focus on heavy industry and basic industries such as petrochemical refining, thermal power, high-grade steel refining, ship repairing and building. With advantages and favorable location, Nghi Son Economic Zone will become a dynamic development area, the southern key of the North economic region, creating a strong driving force, a spillover effect to strengthen socio-economic development of Thanh Hoa province and neighboring provinces.

Construction of Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant includes: Main plant (including 2 units), fuel supply system such as: port, conveyor, oil cable system, deodorization, room explosion-proof; Dehumidification ... The most important factor in the design of the main plant is the plant will use coal fuel, traditional condensing technology and modern combustion technology, suitable for anthracite coaling Vietnam, both economic and in accordance with the standards of environmental protection in Vietnam and abroad.

At present, the Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant project with standardized and modern structure following international standards is located in the East of Nghi Son Economic Zone. Center of the building is a double chimney with two 220-foot stoves. Smog is made of Polymer RFA (Fiberglass reinforcement) technology - the most advanced technology applied in Vietnam for the first time. At the bottom is a dome containing coal, steel frame structure, 240m long, 72m wide, holding 140,000 tons of coal, enough for the plant to use continuously for more than 3 weeks (the average consumption of the plant is 6,000 tons of coal per day). The length of the conveyor is 1.5 km and 2 cranes with the capacity of 750 tons of coal per hour, ensuring continuous supply of raw materials for the factory from the thermal power plant to the warehouse. The starting commercial operation of Nghi Son 1 thermal power plant marks a significantly point in the history of the power industry, a good start of new life to residents in the economic zone as well as the region.