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Activities to commemorate Hung Kings in the year of 2017

Numerous celebratory activities are taking place in northern Phu Tho Province from April 1 to 6 (fifth day to the tenth day of the third lunar month) to commemorate the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of Van Lang – the first known State of Viet Nam.

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The street folk festival

At Van Lang Park lake, the second Viet Tri Open Swimming Competition 2017 was organized on April 1 by the Viet Tri municipal People’s Committee, attracting thousands of local people and visitors. The competition featured the participation of 240 athletes from eight teams, including Viet Tri 1, Viet Tri 2, Thanh Thuy 1, Thanh Thuy 2, Cam Khe 1, Cam Khe 2, Doan Hung and Tam Nong. One first prize, one second prize and two third prizes went to Viet Tri 1, Thanh Thuy 1, Cam Khe 1 and Doan Hung teams, respectively.

Also on April 1, at Van Lang Park stage, an arts programme to celebrate the Hung Kings Festival was organized.

On the same day, Phu Tho provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized an awards ceremony and an exhibition of outstanding photographs submitted to the photography contest on Phu Tho’s tourism. Launched in 2016, the photo contest received nearly 700 photos by 40 photographers across the country. The entries reflected the beauty of tourist attractions, historical sites and intangible cultural heritages of Phu Tho province, which were honored by UNESCO. The organizing board honored 11 of the most outstanding works. One first prize went to Nguyen Nga, meanwhile two second prizes were presented to Phuong Thanh and Nguyen Vu Hau.

Earlier, a street folk festival took place on April 1 featuring a parade and performance of 1,800 people celebrating folk culture of the province.

From April 1 to 6, at the Hung Kings Temple historical site, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism hosted cultural camps, an arts festival, Xoan singing and Phu Tho folk song contests. The events featured the participation of 13 cultural camps of art troupes in the province and 31 Xoan singing clubs. The programme aims to honor cultural heritage value, promote and attract investment to develop the province’s tourism.

Source: NDO