* VINAINCON was established on September, 22th, 1998.

* It operates in the fields of design and consultancy/ equipment supply, construction of civil and industrial works,

construction of power substations with voltage up to 500KV, and installing power transmission lines nation­

* With 21 member units and over 35 years experience in implementing many large projects in the chemical product, fertilizer, power and petrol-chemical industries as well as cement production, steel production

* Its human resources now consist of qualified engineers and workers skillful in manufacturing steel structures, customized equipment, assembling, installing automation and power systems, etc...

* With the application of quality man­agement system ISO 9001:2000, all the projects performed by VINAINCON reached international technical standards and were highly appreciat­ed by customers.

* Maintained and developed co-operative relations with many international contractors and consultants from Japan. South Korea, France, Australia, the USA, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Thailand and Singapore, China, Taiwan...

* In the other hand, Corporation has made strenuous efforts to access the latest technology in construction and installation, modernize its machinery and equipment. Invest many high tech equipments as 250 tonnes crane, 110 tonnes crane...  and continually improve management expertise in order to take part in large - scale projects with complex technical specifications in order to satisfy customer's ever-higher requirements.